I conceived a platform called “Discover Japan.
This platform operates under a unified concept across various social media platforms
like Instagram, Threads, X, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube.
**Target Audience:**
It focuses on foreigners interested in Japan, especially those who want to
discover undiscovered great places, delicious restaurants, and enjoyable experiences
—those who want to find “hidden gems.”
The phrase “hidden gem” can be translated in many ways in English,
each offering various possibilities and options.
For example:
– “This restaurant is a hidden gem.”
– “Her shop is a well-kept secret among vintage clothing enthusiasts,
and you can always find hidden gems there.”
The inspiration came from a photo Haru-chan sent me yesterday.
The flag entrusted to me was taken to power spots,
including Namitai Shrine in Hannan City, Osaka Prefecture, where I often pray.
Clearly, there’s a good energy flow in such places.
However, foreigners rarely have the chance to know about them
unless they know someone like Haru-chan.
For instance, the Jingu-ji Temple in Wakasa, which I visited in April,
has a 400-year-old tree and spring water.
Even many Japanese don’t know about these “good places.”
On July 8, 2024, I realized that foreigners visiting Kyoto might be information-deprived.
Just as Japanese people used to associate France only with Paris and its famous landmarks,
foreigners might be missing out on Japan’s hidden gems.
The aim is to communicate “Rediscover Japan” to foreigners
who wish to experience the true beauty of Japan.
JOYWOW members are spread across Japan, from Hokkaido to Okinawa,
and can share local insights. For example, there are sake experts in Niigata,
tofu specialists in Kyoto, and JOYWOW members promoting shrine visits.
**Naming and Concept:**
The name “Discover Japan” is already taken, as seen on Instagram.
Another option is “japan.undiscovered,” which seems less competitive.
We aim to provide valuable information to those with a high sensitivity to hidden gems,
offering unique and insightful experiences.
While the name “Discover Japan” may need tweaking,
the concept is solid and can create new opportunities,
even increasing income for JW-UP members.
Moreover, historical landmarks like the Central Public Hall in Osaka
rarely see foreign visitors.
Sharing the stories behind such buildings can appeal to audiences,
such as those at “The Economist.”
Ultimately, we aim to sell out the remaining 1,000 seats
for the “Big Wednesday” event on October 30 by attracting foreign visitors.
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Keiichi Sakamoto (JOYWOW)
A creator who wants to increase the total amount of JOY+WOW+LOVE and FUN in the business world.
Founder of the brand creation boutique JOYWOW and president of the NPO JW-UP,
supporting single mothers’ employment.